What are natural raccoon deterrents?

Raccoons are skillful and highly intelligent animals that constitutes nuisance to many homes and gardens all over the world. They are destructive in nature, the can destroy vegetable gardens, raid the trashcans and extremely persistent and adaptable in their destructive habits.

Sometimes, they may look pitiful but they pose a bigger threat because they carry deadly diseases such as rabies and Leptospirosis virus, which is highly dangerous to humans and pets. Raccoons love to stay around populated areas because of the abundance of foods that might be there, and they mostly operate at night.

It is normal to leave out food for pets, but if care is not properly taken, raccoons might feast on the food instead. In addition, once they discover food around your home, they continue to come regularly to search for more food, and getting rid of them is not that an easy task.

Because of the severity of destructions raccoons can cause, many people search for solutions to get rid of them. Therefore, below are the natural ways to deter raccoons from the home or garden:


Naturally, onion and pepper scent is not a good appetizing smell to raccoons, so this mixture helps to keep them away. 

Needed Items and Ingredients

  • Large pot
  • Bottle
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Water
  • Onion

Preparation and Usage

Combine gallon of water in a large pot, two tablespoon of cayenne pepper, one chopped onion and jalapeno pepper. Let the mixture boil for about twenty minutes and allow it to steep. Remove the onion and pepper, the pour it inside a spray bottle. You can apply the repellent by spraying it around the perimeters of you yard, around the garden, and the trashcans to keep raccoons from getting into your garbage. For long lasting effect, it is important to spray the mixture twice in a week.


This is also one of the natural methods of deterring raccoons; it basically works by tricking the raccoons into thinking predators are nearby, the smell will likely chase them away. This deterrent is available in stores and can also be purchased online, just look for urines of bobcats, coyotes, wolves, mountain lions, etc.


Even though the raccoons can make a mess of trashcans, they are very clean animals and they do not urinate anyhow around them because they do not like the smell of urines, and urine contains ammonia, which has a strong taste.

Therefore, you can prevent a raccoon from hanging around the house and garbage by soaking rags in ammonia, and placing them around your home. When they smell it, they will run away.


Vinegar is also an effective liquid that can deter raccoons, especially the Apple Cider Vinegar. This is mostly applied on food traps, when raccoons taste any food traps it is applied on; they will be turned off by the taste and might never return to that spot again.


As destructive and stubborn as the raccoons are, they hate the smell of Epsom salts. To use this method to chase raccoons away, you will have to sprinkle the salt around and inside your home or garden. With this method, they will likely avoid your home or garden and never return.

However, you will need to sprinkle the salt again anytime it rains or after some weeks to make it effective.

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